- Shane Serdenia.
- 23.
- British-born-Filipino.
- SW9, London, England.
- Dancer (Alias LDN).
- Arsenal fan since '96.
- Naruto/Naruto Shippuden (anime & manga) enthusiast.
- iPhone 4S.
- Canon 60D (EFS 17-85mm).
- Instagram abuser (Instagram: shanealiasldn).
- Tumblr photography (Tumblr: sserdenia.tumblr.com)
- Twitter veteren (Twitter: @ShaneAliasLDN).
- YouTube fanatic (YouTube: ShaneSerdenia/TheAliasLDN).

My place for expression, it's as simple as that.
My thoughts produce the content, my keyboard allows me to express.
A viewpoint into my heart, my camera will show both you and I, what I want to keep permanent memories of.

I post and reblog whatever I want, whatever makes me think or anything that makes me laugh.
This blog is really for me... to help ease my boredom and is a path for my own creativity.

But if you enjoy what you see, feel free to join me.